Hey Beauty Queens!

I’m a Leader in Becoming & it’s honestly a life changing experience. I’m around girls that I can be MYSELF around and not feel like I’m out of place. They are all positive influences as well and we are all like sisters with such old spirits haha. Becoming has helped me truly find myself. Even though I’m outgoing, very involved in my community, and people see me as the “pretty girl”, I was definitely in a battle with myself trying to figure out who I was and my value. I went to the Becoming Conference last year and once I left, that battle with myself was far over. I left knowing exactly who I was and it helped me embark on a path to become ME.

Since then, my life has changed. I’ve won numerous competitions, gotten every audition I’ve went on, I’m an advanced model, I walk runways and do commercials and a print model, I’m an qualified commercial AND Prime-Time TV & Film actress, I’m a Varsity Cheerleader, an Honor Roll student , a Volunteer in many community service groups, a 1st Degree Black belt and the list goes on ! I am Becoming ME. Becoming helped me realize I’m not alone and anything dark that you go through in life doesn’t define you. Your past isn’t your future and let that light inside of you out! I was the shyest girl you could ever meet and I had a lot in me that I told myself I’d never let out because of the judge-mental world we live in. Now here I am a year later & I’m outgoing with everything I do and I’m MYSELF.

Going to the Becoming Conference…haha girls I get it, you don’t want to sit at a “conference” and listen to people talk, but this isn’t just an ordinary conference. This is a conference about sisterhood and this is a conference for YOU and your well-being. Everyone is sooo welcoming, you meet sooo many friends and you can relate to the other girls. We are open & letting it ALL out. And we get lit while at it 💗 Expect to leave a new person. A more stronger and powerful young women who is about to take over and show the world who you are.😉 See you there pretty girl !


A little about me…

My Name is A’Blessyn Joyce Haskins, I’m 15 Years old & Im a sophomore at Calvary Academy High School. I’m an only girl out of 3 boys, 2 older brothers & one younger, Jarred, Larry, and A’Marre. When I grow up I wanna do it all, to show girls around the world anything is possible and you can do anything and as many things as you want and your not limited to just one dream. You can do any and everything with God.❤️

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