Being a Leader in the Becoming Conference has been an amazing experience. As I have spent the past year with the other leaders, I have not only learned how to empower other young women, but within myself as well. I became a Leader because I wanted to show that girls who believe in themselves should be confident in themselves. By being a Leader, I can help teach girls and the girls will in turn, teach myself and our other leaders. It’s important that we all learn from each other. It’s very crucial for women to stick by each other and very important that we do not go against each other, but enjoy life right now and not worry about the negativity that comes our way. The Becoming Conference gives girls this chance to not worry about anything and to meet new people just like themselves.
The Becoming Conference’s main purpose is to empower young girls to achieve the goals they have for their future. Girls should take advantage of this amazing opportunity to come because it’s a new chance to meet new girls of different ethnicities and backgrounds. Our leadership team and speakers will encourage all different age groups about the next chapter in their lives; whether it’s heading into freshman year of High School or becoming a mature young adult heading into college. Not only that, but we will also talk about our relationships, have a special guest speaker Kheris Rogers (who is the founder of Flexin’ my Complexion), and The Xklusive dance team performing. All of what we have planned will show girls just how powerful they can be. The Becoming Conference can open eyes to many possibilities and will make young girls feel safe in an environment and learn ways to empower others and themselves. Please join The Becoming Conference June 16th and register on or by clicking here.
About Me:
My name is Morgan Moncrease. I am 14 years old and in the 9th grade at Franklin High School. I have one brother named Trevor who is 13 years old and a pitcher in Baseball, as well am I in Softball. I am very interested in becoming a photographer when I get older and into dancing at School. I have very supportive parents who pushes me to achieve my goals and reach for the stars. This will be my second time being a leader in a Conference and I am very excited!

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